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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  September 7, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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don't feel like a part of the school. >> reporter: that's what's worrying her fellow kennedy high students the most right now. their awaiting the richmond city council's decision on whether to close kennedy as well as the elementary schools in june. if they close, students at each of the schools will be sent to other schools in the west contra costa school district. the english teacher says the other high schools aren't close enough to serve these students. many of whom are struggling to escape the pitfalls of richmond's notorious iron triangle. >> a lot of them are economically challenged. they are not going to be bussed. they're going to have to find their own way to get there and that's a hardship for the parents. >> reporter: but city council says state budget cuts make it virtually impossible to keep all the schools opened. the city has threatened to shut down kennedy and other schools poert the last few years but came up with an additional $3 million for the last school year and the current one. they say the financial well is dry and now it's time to vote on which path to take.
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richmond city kan sillmen say the school should remain opened but long-term arrangements have to be made to keep the district from using the city as a atm. >> they have to make the decision tonight. failure to decide sets the other act in motion of closing and shutting down kennedy high school. >> reporter: some people are pointing to the whopping rainy day fund that richmond recently acquired as a possible solution. chevron rb located here in richmond, had to pay out $115 million settlement involving utility taxes used here in the city. now, why not use some of that money to save these schools? that's a question a lot of parents intend to ask tonight. live in richmond, tracy grant, bay area news. thank you. why did eight infants die of whooping cough in the state of california this year? in part, at least, because of misdiagnosis or slow diagnosis. a state review shows all the
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infants were taken to clinics and hospitals several times before they were accurately diagnosed with whooping cough. the california department of public health says by the time the disease was accurately diagnosed it was too late to save the infants. health officials are urging doctors to check for whoopg cough on any infant under 6 months who is having trouble breathing. so far, 3,600 cases have been reported, seven times the number reported. in the bay area there have been 1,035 cases including 286 in marin county alone. b.a.r.t. reacts to reports that the train caused hearing loss. the agency says the problem is caused by the steel wheels on each train which create microscopic ripples on the steel rails. that causes a high-pitch noise. it's something mostly b.a.r.t. riders endure. b.a.r.t. says there are certain parts of the system where the noise is the loudest including spots where train head up
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inclines, travel around curves or go around the transbay tube. >> this is going through the transbay tube or between 24th street and 16th street, that's one of the spots where there's lots of curves. it's noisy. but we have four of five lines going through that area. lots of curves and inclines. lots of trains. it's noisy and it's in the tube. >> the solution to reducing the noise? rail grinding machines that b.a.r.t. purchased several years ago. the grinders smooth out the ripples on the tracks nightly that cause all the noise. the union city man accused of shooting a fremont police officer made his first court appearance today and he had plenty of company. dozens of fremont police officers packed an alameda county courtroom intending to show 20-year-old andrew barrientos that they expect justice for their wounded colleague. jodi hernandez was also in court a little intimidating, jodi? >> reporter: that's right.
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the 39-year-old officer remains in the hospital with his wife at his bedside in a coma so they were not in court but his brothers in blue made sure they were represented. they want the suspect to know they want him prosecuted to the fullest. a sea of navy blue flood an oakland courtroom as dozens of fremont police officers took time off work to see the man accused of shooting fellow officer todd young get formally charged. >> we come from fremont. we're not used to shootouts and certainly not our officers getting shot. >> reporter: andrew barrientos who glanced at the officer-filled audience declined to enter a plea to a long list of charges including attempted murder, carjacking and shooting as an occupied car. the 20-year-old admitted shooting officer young in plain clothes at the time but said he didn't know he was a police officer. >> that's not true. i'm not going to release information on the investigation. but in trial, we'll prove that
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that's not true. >> barrientos' attorney refused to take questions but she says the shooting may have been a misunderstanding. >> i will say that our deepest best wishes go out to officer young and his family during his recovery. whether this turns out to be an intentional shooting of a police officer or a tragic misunderstanding on the streets of oakland remains to be seen. >> officer young is expected to make a full recovery. he remains in serious condition and is still in a coma. the his fellow officers want the person responsible to pay. >> we want him to know that he's going to get the fuel effects of the law, for what he did because it was wrong. and we feel he should pay the consequences for that act. >> reporter: again, barrientos did not enter a plea today. his attorney says she needs more time to review the case. a second suspect, 23-year-old
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gustavez silva faces charges to accessory to attempted murder after the fact and transportation of marijuana. police say he was driving the car when they arrested barrientos. both men will be back in court later this month to enter pleas. reporting live in oakland, jodi hernandez, bay area news. >> jodi thanks. investigators are still searching of contra costa landfill for a 35-year-old man who may be the fifth victim in an east bay killing spree. hercules police say the crews returned to the landfill to surge for the body of frederick solace. the search is in its fifth day and may be suspended if nothing is found by sundown. investigators believe solace may have been killed by the 38 year old suspect in the death of solace's father. authorities are also investigating the andnd twowo women killed in vallejo. department game crews worked to remove oil from a leaky
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tugboat that poiled oil into the petaluma river yesterday. meanwhile, no fishing in the river. a vacuum truck was brought in to suck is remaining oil. a process that lasted from last night through this morning. the sheen that stretched over some two miles of the river was mostly evaporated by late yesterday. authorities are still monitoring the area to make sure no wildlife is harmed. now to that raging wildfire in boulder, colorado, which has destroyed dozens of homes and forced thousands of people to evacuate. tonight there are problems getting planes into the air to fight the huge because. l leanne gregg reports from the command center. >> reporter: five and a half miles destroyed including homes belonging to some firemen. for those that live here a frightening scene. >> black char everywhere. >> reporter: now the fight is on to save other structures. once again, grays getting planes into the air but today, wind is not the issue. >> we've had a weather inversion over the fire which is holding
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the smoke close to the ground. >> reporter: the blaze broke out monday morning in four-mile canyon northwest of boulder. 45 mile-an-hour wind gusts quickly sent flames roaring through the foothills forcing more than 3,000 people from their homes in the canyons and surrounding areas. >> it's really important for there to be some level of patience, even as difficult as it is to know that your property may be implicated. >> reporter: it's a difficult and dangerous fight, rugged, steep terrain. more than 35 agencies have responded to the fire, state and federal help is also on the way. tankers, spotting planes and helicopters are prepared to make runs this afternoon after being grounded this morning and most of monday, despite the fire's quick advance, no injuries have been reported but the spencer's whose home was destroyed are among those feeling a loss. >> the one thing that has concerned me more than anything sells my neighbors.
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it's not just a bunch of people that like each other. it's love. >> reporter: it's still not clear when the fire will be contained. teams have entered the burn area to begin investigating the cause and to document the number of structures damaged or destroyed. at this point no word on when residents will be allowed back into their neighborhood. from boulder. i'm leanne gregg, bay area news. one day after oracle hired him they're suing to block the move. hp claims hurd can't perform his job without spilling phs trade secrets and violating the confidentiality agreement. he signed this as part of a $40 mol severance package. they say the lawsuit may delay him joining and underscores the sharper competition expected between the rival companies. hurd resigned from hp last month
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after an investigation uncovered inaccurate expense reports involving hurd and a female contractor. today marks 69 days without a state budget. the current legislature ranks second on the list of most delayed budgets dating back to at least 1977, as far as back as department of finance records go. the latest budget in the state history was passed september 16th, 2008. today at the state capital while the main assembly and senate were vacant, democratic and republican leaders were at work heading to the governor's office for a big five meeting. if they made any progress behind closed doors they aren't saying. >> the fight over california's furlough fridays goes to the state supreme court in san francisco tomorrow. the high court will hear arguments on whether the governor has the right to force unpaid days on tens of thousands of state workers. the furloughs began as a cost-saving measure last year. they'll hear three lawsuits claiming the governor's order violates a state law setting a
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40-hour work week. the governor's lawyers claim the state constitution allow him to order furloughs to address the budget crisis. out of a job but not out of trouble. what the fed-up former jetblue flight attendant has to do to avoid time behind bars. >> plus dental seal ants expose millions of kids to the chemical, bpa. why dentists say it's safe for kids but not for pregnant women. and good afternoon, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. big-time cooling today. only 71 in livermore and just 74 in san jose. look at this. in the south bay, 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. only the mid 60s. we'll let you know how long the fall weather will last. and a florida pastor's plan to burn okay mei. heofs t curran sparked international outrage from all faiths. this droid has evolved to do even more.
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a florida 35ster pastor is defying plans to burn copies of the curran on the anniversary of 9/11. pastor terry jones posted his plan on the internet weeks ago and he's not backing off even though the top general in afghanistan, general petraeus, warned him in an e-mail it could harm the troops bin inciting violence against them. >> we understand and we're sure that his concerns are legitimate. we still feel that we must send a clear message to radical islam. >> protesters in afghanistan on sunday burned posters with jones' image on them. and other christian leaders came forward urging jones to reconsider. preschool isn't usually considered a crime fighting tool but local police chiefs and
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other law enforcement leaders say it is vital, as members of the group fight crime involving kids they released a report showing at-risk children who get high-quality education early are less likely to commit crimes as adults. more likely to finish high school. they say in the long run quality preschool could save $16 for every dollar invested. that california and the bay area could see education savings of up to $300 million a year. new concern about dental sealants. they expose millions of american children to the controversial chemical, bpa according to a study in the join in of pediatrics. the exposure lasts for up to three hour after a dentist applies the sealant but researchers say the benefit of the sealants outweigh the risks. the chemical is used in many lastics that's come under scrutiny for possible links to health problems. while the study still recommends sealants for kids and advises
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pregnant women to hold off getting the sealant until after they have given birth. here's another reason for parents to try to get their kids to get a good night's sleep. it could help keep off the pounds when they get older. a new study published in the archives of pediatrics and adolescent medicine find babies on toddlers who get less than ten hours of sleep a night are more likely to be overweight or obese five years later. babies that didn't sleep well at night were 80% likely to obese in five years compared to others with more sleep. school supplies these days mean more than pencils and notebooks. >> for many kids their cell phones are a must-have even if they are prohibited. as bob hansen reports, it's happening in record numbers and parents are part of the problem. >> reporter: that's right. it's a tough habit to break. kids who are been texting all summer long, now will have to stop texting or not get caught. >> it's easier to say.
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it's quick and fast. >> reporter: for many high school-age students texting is the first choice of communications. >> they don't want to call because people don't answer they were phone anymore. people don't e-mail it gets buried under 20 e-mails. >> so the free text app decided to survey high school students and find out when they pull out their phones. 43% of students say they text during class. >> it's addictive because it's instant. >> reporter: and more than half text their friends in the same classroom. >> from class to class, people text all the time. >> i don't think they should text in class. they should have the rules that phones should be off during class, absolutely. >> according to the survey, 66% of teens say their parents text them during the day. >> i'll send a text and i figure they'll replay back when they can, preferably when they're not being taught something. >> the teachers don't like it so the kids try to hide it.
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downgraded from a tropical storm it's a tropical depression. thousands of homes lost power as the strong winds knocked down trees. but there have been no reports of any major damage in texas. parts of south texas should expect up to five inches of rain from the storm. and there's always plenty of rain to go around when those things move ashore. let's talk about our weather. a big shocker today. after all the heat over the holiday weend, i was in san francisco in the shorts, flip-flops like many of us and then back to our crazy weather pattern here on tuesday. if it took you back to get from the holiday to work this stirred things up even more for you as we talk about more than fog with temperatures that have switched here in the past 24 hours anywhere from 13 degrees cool her santa rosa to 20 and 24 degrees respectively from livermore to oakland.
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san francisco at 68 and winds southwest at 16. low clouds and fog and as we mentioned, it takes a little more than just the fog to get this kind of widespread cooling across the bay area this time of the year. in fact, for our inland spots in the south bay, temperatures in the 60s to low 70s. the only spot holding on to heat is in santa rosa and aren't you lucky with 82 degrees. even that 82 as we head to tomorrow will be going down as that fog's going to combine with cooler air in the atmosphere to bring us widespread 60s and 70s inland so we expt a lot of 50s at the coastline as the pattern looks to stick for the next four to five days at this point. so here's the fog offshore happening around here from san francisco to santa cruz and monterey. notice the motion in the clouds. that's from a weak frontal system that's passing through. it's rotating right there near washington and oregon and basically, what that system helps to do is drag down some cooler air in the atmosphere. so it's that cooler air in the
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atmosphere and fog combining together to bring these temperatures down about 10 to 15 degrees below where we should be for this time of year. tomorrow we'll look at upper 60s and low 70s inland and it continues here feeling like fail as we head to thursday's forecast. look at this. the east bay tomorrow, 11:00 a.m., only the mid 60s. you need a light jacket as you head out if door for tomorrow. you're planning anything on the other side. plenty of low 50s from here. details the numbers, we had temperatures in the upper 90s and even triple digits. and for tomorrow, upper 60s and low 70s. 67 in san mateo. 23468 redwood city. 77 for the east bay hills from san ramon to walnut creek and livermore, dublin and pleasanton you're only expects upper 60s and low 70s as well. morning time on the weather channel only cable and we'll continue the cooler trend all the way until about monday of next week and then we have a big old warm 80 degrees.
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>> here it comes again. >> oh, yeah. >> not as bad. >> all right. thanks. first lady michelle obama brings some culture to the white house. coming up, today 's celebration setting the stage for future dancers. plus, they couldn't be happier about this.
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john lennon's killer was denied parole once again. after pleading guilty to second-degree murder, chapman was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison. he's now 55 years old. parole board members remain concerned about chapman's, quote, disregard for the norms of society and the sanctity of human life. former jetblue flight attendant steven slater is getting his head examined. he and his attorneys appeared
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for a brief hearing on charge of criminal mischief stemming from his flamboyant exit from an airplane last month after cursing at a passenger he then grabbed two beers and boarded the planes emergency chute and exited stage left. slater did not speak to reporters today. he volunteered to be mentally evaluated as part of a plea deal which could give him community service instead of jail time. first lady michelle obama has transformed the east room of the white house into a stage fit for world-class dancers. >> the main attraction? the alvin american dance theater. this was the first lady's way of inaugurating a new dance series at the white house. dances of all types took over the room for the first in a series of dance workshops where students from around the country have a chance to learn from dancing professionals. >> they're not bad, are they? >> very talented. >> the happiest place on earth. not just for dski? >> ds d?is ne>> disy neis catering to the
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